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Wedding Venues in Cyprus

Ayia Kyriaki,St Paul's Pillar, Paphos

Ayia Kyriaki, Church of St Paul's Pillar, Paphos

St Paul's church in Paphos dates back to the early 16th century and nearby is reputedly the pillar where St Paul was lashed 39 times when he visited the island almost 2000 years ago. Excavation still goes on at the site today.

It is a beautiful old Greek Orthodox church where many many traditional Anglican and Catholic marriage ceremonies are conducted today. Music is from the church organ, and the organist is happy to try and accommodate your music choices wherever possible. Unfortunately, the accoustics of the church do not lend themselves to taped music, or CD music.

Confetti is allowed, albeit once the marriage party are over the 'bridge'.

The ceremony is in English and lasts about 20-30 minutes If conducted by an Anglican Priest, then no Civil Ceremony is required beforehand. If, however, it is conducted by a Catholic Priest, then a Civil Ceremony is required before the church ceremony, as a Catholic Priest has no authority to conduct weddings in Cyprus.

Should you require candles throughout your Wedding Service, it is advisable to bring your own!

As the church already has floral decorations, only a minimal amount of arrangements can be used in the church.

The ceremony will cost Cy£300

Click here for pictures of Ellie & Shawn's wedding at Ayia Kyriaki

St George's Chapel

St George's is a relatively new (about 40 years old), small chapel, seating about 26 guests, although there is a limited amount of standing room., up to about another 30. Both Anglican and Catholic ceremonies are conducted here, in English. There are magnificent frescoes decorating the ceiling and walls of the chapel.

The chapel is air-conditioned. Unfortunately because of the steps leading up to the chapel it could present difficulties for disabled guests.

As with Ayia Kyriaki, should you require candles for your service, it is wise to bring your own!

CD's and taped music are permitted here, there is a CD player, although there is a wide variety of music available, including the Wedding March!

The ceremony will cost Cy£300

Click here for pictures of KitKat's wedding at St George's

Paphos Town Hall

The Town Hall is used for civil ceremonies, conducted in English, which last about 10 - 15 minutes. There are two room used for wedding ceremonies, one of which holds about 20 people and one approximately 50-70 people.

The rooms are air-conditioned.
Readings are allowed, but not of a religious nature.
Fees are approximately Cy£150-170.
The number for the Town Hall is 00357 26 82 22 70, lady to contact is 'Lea'

Fax number is 00357 26 822364 - Lea prefers documents to be faxed to her to check beforehand, and she will then respond to you by fax.

Click here for pictures of Jeff & Emma's wedding at the Town Hall

Pegeia Municpality

The Municipality is in the grounds of the Town Hall and is a very romantic setting for a civil wedding service, with room for around 100 guests.
The service lasts about 10 - 15 minutes and is conducted in English. Couples receive a copy of the wedding vows to keep after the service.

Music is optional, but the local musicians provide a very romantic addition to the bridal party's walk, and the ceremony.

Click here for pictures of Della's wedding at the Pegeia Municipality

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