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Poems and Readings for Weddings
By Julia Watson.
An inspiring book with 70 selections of celebrating love.
Penguin, £6.99
Recommended by jacquijam , 21/06/2004.

Readings and Musical Ideas for Your Wedding
By Foulsham.
A selection of suggestions for the words and music for that Special Day!
Recommended by jacquijam , 23/06/2004.

The Church Wedding Handbook
By Giles Legood and Ian Markham.
Advice and help with marriages and church weddings.
SPCK £5.99
Recommended by jacquijam , 21/06/2004.

The Makeup Book
By Leigh Toselli.
Leigh draws on 25 year's experience as a model, stylist and beauty editor.
Recommended by jacquijam , 13/06/2004.

The Sublime Wedding
By Carole Hamilton.
An inside, experienced view from the editor of 'You and Your Wedding' - the answer to your planning problems!
Collins & Brown, £18.99
Recommended by jacquijam , 25/06/2004

You and Your Wedding
By National Magazines.
Must have Wedding Magazine, £4.25 every 2 months.
Recommended by jacquijam , 19/06/2004.

By Conde Nast Publishing.
Top wedding magazine.
£4.25 every other month
Recommended by jacquijam , 27/06/2004

Wedding Etiquette - the What, How and When of Weddings
By Pat & Bill Derraugh.
Everything you need to know to get it right!
Published By Foulsham £4.99
Recommended by jacquijam , 31/07/2004.

The 'Which?' Guide to Getting Married
By Elisabeth Martyn (Which?).
The ultimate wedding guide, published by Which magazines
Recommended by jacquijam , 31/07/2004

Wedding Speeches and Toasts
By Barbara Jeffrey.
Help is at hand for the terrifying speeches!
Published by Foulsham £3.99
Recommended by jacquijam , 31/07/2004.

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